12-Month Systems are Sexy Mastermind

You are the CEO of your business and your life.

Embarking on the entrepreneur path is a courageous endeavor, and you being the CEO means that you have a lot of decisions to make, and a lot of ideas to implement.

But what sets everyday CEOs from world-class CEOs?

World-class CEOs know they can’t do it by themselves to create massive impact and massive profits.

World-class CEOs invest in ongoing training and accountability to assure their companies are running optimally.

World-class CEOs find the right people to catapult their mission, and create an organization where systems and processes empower their staff.

World-class CEOs are client-focused and embrace structures that serve their customers with red-carpet experiences.

World-class CEOs prioritize their lives in such a way that fills their cup, feeds their soul and makes fun and ease non-negotiable.

World-class CEOs epitomize the Live Rich Spread Wealth® lifestyle.

I’m Melissa Evans and I know the Live Rich.Spread Wealth® lifestyle very well. In fact, it’s the entire way that I, as the CEO of my own company, work, live and play in the world.

I want the same for you. Because you’re a leader and you deserve to step boldly into your leadership role with confidence, clarity and the tools world-class CEOs portray.

 Melissa is a Master Sales Coach. After just one hour of consultation with me she redesigned my sales process and developed a sales system that yielded $26K in 4days. I could say more but do I need to do that. 

Mia Redrick

The Mom Strategist™

 In 2011, I made $47,000, and hired Melissa the following year to help me grow my business. By the end of 2012 I had grown the business by 75% and in the first 3 months of 2013 I've already exceeded my 2011 revenue! In addition, I've grown my list by 100% and have created a speaking tour and online digital programs. Working with Melissa clearly exceeded my return on investment (ROI) goals!  

Skip Weisman

The Leadership and Workplace Expert

Your business shouldn’t ‘own’ you. You shouldn’t feel stressed about how to get it all done.
You can be the best product or program creator in the world, but if you don’t have the ongoing systems, processes and the right people to support you in the journey – everything can start feeling hard.

What I know.

This is why I created the Systems are Sexy® Mastermind.

 With the tools, the worksheets, and the perspective, the mastermind has definitely been able to help me see how I can serve or develop my business and given me a lot more clarity and definition for whom my tribe is. I can put myself out in the right way, using the right language and my tribe will find me. That makes me clarity and makes me more confident. 

Georgia Terry

The Mom Strategist™

 I found Melissa's expertise in creating systems invaluable and I use what I learned on a daily basis. I now believe that systems are indeed sexy and would not hesitate to engage Melissa again asa a business coach. Her coaching style is generous, open, and flexible. Melissa meets her clients where they are and takes them to heights beyond their expectations. 

Dr. Kym Harris

Founder & CEO of Your SweetSpot Coaching

What is the Systems are Sexy® Mastermind?

It’s a commitment. Don’t let that scare you – because commitment is necessary to grow and sustain a world-class business. And don’t fall prey to the thought that taking that shiny, fix-it-all program will be the cure to your business challenges.
What it takes is community, education and the right mentor who doesn’t only teach, but LIVES the tried and true formulas over and over again.

I created the Systems are Sexy® Mastermind for those of you who are serious about creating massive positive energy into everything you do – all while enjoying the ease that systems can create for you in your life and business.
It’s 12-months with me and my world-class team, working within a community of like-minded, world-class CEOs who are willing to invest, learn and apply what you really need to up level all aspects of your company and the programs you serve to your tribe.

Here's how it works:

And best of all, you will fall in love with your business more and more, create freedom and ease in your life, and create momentum that you’ve never experience before.

Sound perfect to you?

Your investment: $3500

You may also choose a payment plan: Eight monthly payments of only $450.

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 Melissa's systematic approach to building a business helped me to better understand what I need to do and order in which it needs to be done. 

 Melissa Hughes and I worked on my 12-month revenue plan and it provided the clarity I needed to execute with confidence. Her guidance and consultation is unrivaled. 

Doreen Rainey

Radical Success Coach

You’ve told me what you want, and the Systems are Sexy® Mastermind is the answer to what you’ve said you desire more of in your business:

Customer Service Systems
Newsletter Systems
Growth Systems
Prospecting and Lead Generation Systems Systems Thinking Diagram
New Business Development Systems
Sales and Lead Conversion Systems
Marketing and Brand Systems
Team Building Systems
Operations Procedures and Policies
Resources, Templates and Tools You Can Apply

The price of admission is incredible; as a CEO you’d be hard-pressed to find a more holistic, thought-out program that offers you the lessons and the community to go the distance with your business.

The value of the Systems Are Sexy Mastermind is over $15,000! Save money by leveraging my mistakes (so that you can avoid them), my experience and the investments that I have made in myself and my business over the years that make this available to you for the nominal price of $3500.

Each month, we will cover a different system. You get:

It’s time to Live Rich.Spread Wealth® and wear the world-class CEO label with the pride, confidence and cash flow you deserve.

This is your year.

Your investment: $3500

You may also choose a payment plan: Eight monthly payments of only $450.

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 What's truly unique about Melissa is her diverse combination of talent and skills. She has tremendous left-brain capabilities...intelligent, rational, process-focused, hard-working, and the best implementation expert out there... While being incredibly intuitive, compassionate, loving, inspiring, spiritual, and committed. I would trust her with my life 

 Many leaders are great visionaries, their eyes are focused on their destination, many times they might even have the road map. Melissa Hughes is all about implementation, she provides the action, details and the road map needed to navigate any terrain. Her resources and expertise are expansive. She will help you to achieve your goals more easily, with less stress and keep you focused and on task with her ongoing support and loving direction. 


Leadership Coach

A quick summary of what you get when you join us:

Every month, you receive 3 training modules, teaching you everything I know about implementing your ideas, optimizing your operations, standing in your leadership, delivering superior service to your customers and training your world-class team and much more…

Once a month, we’ll get together on a group call where I’ll answer you burning questions and conduct laser coaching on the spot…

You’ll receive access to the community portal where you can support your CEO peers and ask them for support too…

And best of all, you will fall in love with your business more and more, create freedom and ease in your life, and create momentum that you’ve never experience before.

Your investment: $3500

You may also choose a payment plan: Eight monthly payments of only $450.

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